Friday, March 2, 2007

To Do

There's The Poker Channel. And now NBC has added a poker show to its late-late-night lineup.

I simply didn't get how a card game makes for good TV. Then I heard people talking about the mannerisms (called "tells") that poker players often can't cover up -- mannerisms that communicate the information usually concealed by poker faces. They reminded me of the "telling details" that fictional characters need.

Suddenly, gathering some nervous mannerisms from a TV poker game sounds like a plan.


  1. Finding this made my heart flutter. The trees being sucked in, the details. The things we think about but just let slip by.BUt they compose so much more than we give them credit.
    I love the concept of your blog; it's beautiful.
    Thank you for this :)
    Have a wonderful span of time.

  2. Talk about making a heart flutter ...

    Thank you.