Friday, August 3, 2007

Family Portrait

True incident:

A house in my friend’s neighborhood was for sale. Curious by nature and interested in housing, he wandered over during a realtor’s open house to take a look inside and see the price.

The entry was unattended but, seeing the front door ajar and hearing voices deeper inside, he opened the storm door and stepped into the tiny foyer. And found himself nearly nose-to-portrait with a large, framed family photograph that hung directly opposite the door.

He recognized the man, woman, and some of the kids in the photo. He admired their casual arrangement into a pleasing composition of figures. And he noticed their dress: everyone in jeans faded to the same hue; everyone barefoot ... and everyone topless.

That’s the set-up. What’s your story?


  1. Mom had breast cancer and would need dramatic surgery. She was in the hospital, being brave. The family got together to discuss how they would show their solidarity. "Shave our heads!" shouted the teenage daughter. "That's been done," said the college-age son. "Get tattoos?" suggested the husband/father, who had always secretly wanted a Harley on his left buttock. "Tacky," declared the grown daughter, who was a development director for the Nature Conservancy. "I've got it," said the youngest, a girl. "Topless family portrait. But we're gonna hang it in the foyer, for everyone to see. And Mom doesn't have to be in it." There was a pause. The youngest had thrown down the gauntlet again. It had always been her role; they should have seen it coming and prepared for her move. But now, what could they do? She had them. They nodded. Then the dad said, "How 'bout salad for dinner?"

  2. So creative! In one paragraph, I'm already knowing this family.

    Gotta love those youngests ...