Saturday, December 8, 2007


From the xkcd blog: "Wikipedia’s entry on blogs, with everything that is not the word ‘blog’ (or a derivative thereof) removed."

Exaggerated, maybe, but something to think about: What do you do too-much-the-same-of in your writing?

[For a fun side trip, click on the picture to get a larger view, then let your eyes lose focus and cross -- as with those Magic Eye pictures from the '90s -- until you see the words in 3-D ... until they pop like John Nash's hallucinations in A Beautiful Mind.]


  1. I often write long sentences in which the structure is probably not perfectly clear; where devices, such as separating clauses with semicolons, are used excessively; and where I occasionally dare combine semicolons and colons together: to illustrate and emphasize and ornament.

  2. Love that sentence! Hee hee, I could've written it, except I'm addicted to dashes instead of colons.