Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fast Forward

From a 1969 LaZBoy furniture ad, this image fit my child-self's vision of a newlywed couple's typical evening at home.

How is it the same (and different) from the couple's typical evening today, as they approach their 40th wedding anniversary?


  1. The couple weighs twice as much, so the reclining couch had to be reinforced with props from Lowes. They're not resting, but instead sitting upright and looking uncomfortable. Neither has a smile, and the last time they blinked was 45 minutes ago. The woman is watching American Idol while the man is watching CSI:Miami in the Picture-in-Picture on their flat-panel TV. Both have wireless headsets on, talking to coworkers. There are four Hungry Man TV dinners by their feet. They've replaced their finger-controlled remote control with a thought-controlled remote control. Their favorite commercial is Chilis.

  2. lol! Interesting that they're so high-tech ... with a reinforced, 40-year-old couch. What is it about that couch that makes them keep it? :)