Friday, February 9, 2007

Prompt Yourself

Once in awhile, I collect writing prompts by running through the TV channels and writing down the very first sentence I hear on each channel. I sit with my back to the TV so I won’t be influenced by any context other than the words.

Here are ten from my latest round. Pick one -- or two or five, together -- and see what story emerges.

The following week, they were too big.

They’re looking for who bought a rare tool that was found at the murder scene.

If you ask an employee to move something like this, well you’re taking a risk.

I’ve already packed our “go” bag.

C’mere, I want to show you something.

You’ve nothing to lose, the phone call is free. This could change your entire life.

I had to wear this mask for the ammonia. All the jocks called me “Phantom of the Mop-era.”

Tomorrow morning at 11 …

Would you stop bugging me, Dad? I mean, it’s my hair.

I’ll put that in my karma jar.

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