Thursday, June 26, 2008

Supervising Assessor

The supervising doctor in the Emergency Room sat with Mom and me in our little curtained cubicle. She reviewed the resident’s medical work-up of my mother. “What’s your relation?” she asked. “Sisters?”

I smiled and waited for her to look up from the chart and wink. After all, Mom was 38 when I was born. Sure, second and third marriages generate some surprising age ranges among today’s step-siblings. But 38 years? Would she look up and wink, already?

Her question hung in the air. Seriously? I looked like a seventy- or eighty-something? Granted, it was early; I hadn’t showered. But sisters?

“I’m her daughter,” I said. She shrugged. “I never make assumptions.”

I’ll use this someday, in some piece of writing. But my character will be edgier. For starters, she’ll say, “Gee, your assessment skills suck.”


  1. Hi, MJ!

    I just logged on, before dropping into bed for the night. Haven't checked your blog (or anyone else's!) for a while. I'm so glad I did! You made me laugh - maybe the only laugh I've had all day! Thanks for the story, and for blogging!

    Oh, and NO - you do NOT look like a 70 year old woman. For Pete's Sake!


  2. How rude that assessor was!! You do NOT look that old. I actually think you look much YOUNGER than your actual age.

  3. eileen and anon -- yay for friends!! :)

  4. If her assessment skills are so bad, what can we say about her medical assessments? Ask for a replacement :)