Wednesday, June 25, 2008


On Saturday, preparing for a little road trip with my mom, I was next in line when the car wash broke. “Need to order a part,” they said; wouldn’t be repaired for two days. I backed out and drove home.

On Sunday, I was on my next-to-last load of laundry when the washing machine broke. “We’ve already repaired it once,” my husband and I said; we’d shop for a new one in four days, when I got back from my trip. We gathered the last loads and drove to the laundromat.

These things come in threes, yes? And in themes, yes?

I never dreamed that the third thing to break would be my mom. “Need to go to the hospital,” she said on Tuesday; she stayed six days. I stayed close for three, then my sister came and stayed close until discharge.

But what’s the theme?


  1. The Theme? Clearly it is "Things that help Detail Muse keep clean break!" If not recently, at least in the past mom played that role, now more frequently performed by the car wash and laundry machine.

    Actually the theme is "Things that help Detail Muse keep clean break; repairs in arithmetic progression: 2-4-6 days.)

    (And, damn, bad luck!)

  2. omg, I'm not kidding here: my mom's medical crisis came just before I (in a role reversal) was going to help her with her shower! Leave it to readers to find the meaning...

    And I KNEW you'd find that progression :)